Treatments for Chronic Pain


Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is debilitating and can cause a great deal of suffering. To relieve discomfort in the short term, Bo-In Lee, Lic. Ac., frequently uses Kyun Hyun Therapy.

Although this kind of therapy can very often heal a wide variety of chronic pain conditions by itself, certain kinds of chronic pain require additional therapy before recurring discomfort is permanently eliminated. Usually these patients have suffered serious injury in work, sports, or auto accidents, or have developed a chronic condition over many years through postural and muscular imbalances. In these cases, the basic structure of the interconnected muscle, joint and skeletal systems are misaligned to the point where normal daily body movements make the problem both recurrent and progressively worse as time passes.

In these cases, while Kyun Hyun therapy can and does remove discomfort temporarily, it takes special corrective exercises , practiced on a daily basis for a number of weeks, to permanently re-align whatever specific body imbalances have been causing the pain to recur again and again. For these patients, Bo-In Lee will custom-design specific exercises to restore each different person’s muscle tissues, joints, skeletal system and key organs to their natural, health-producing state.

Whenever Bo-In Lee’s diagnosis shows that damaged muscle tissue is not the source of the problem, the cause most often lies in a malfunction of the body’s electrical system or a disorder in the body’s major interdependent organs. Whenever repair of the body’s electrical system is key to eliminating pain, various Oriental healing techniques which control body functions are applied.

This was the case with Ted Lucious, a Massachusetts Iron Worker. "I had chronic back pain that was so intense I not only couldn’t work, I also could not walk, sit or stand in a normal manner. As both of my parents were chiropractors, this was the treatment I tried first. When my condition failed to improve, I tried Bo-In Lee’s program. The results of the acupuncture and corrective exercises were dramatic. My back feels great, my posture is better than it’s ever been and I’ve returned to my very physical job as an iron worker and have had no problems whatsoever."

Three common malfunctions of the body’s electrical system can cause serious problems:

(1) Endorphin shortages in any part of the body can cause acute pain.

(2) Blocked "gateways" can stop healing energy flows to damaged muscles or joints.

(3) "Breaks" in the lines that transmit the body’s natural painkillers from one part of the body to another can prevent them from reaching that part of the body suffering from pain.

The first two of these malfunctions, once identified and accurately diagnosed, can be treated by applying acupuncture. For example, whenever endorphins (the powerful painkillers always present in a healthy, functioning body) are not reaching the painful area, certain acupuncture treatments can be used to either increase endorphin production or re-direct healthy endorphins to stop the discomfort. Similarly, Bo-In Lee uses acupuncture to "open" any blocked gateways that are cutting off normal energy flows to relieve pain.

When the problem is "breaks" in the lines that transmit your body bio-chemicals to combat pain, Bo-In Lee often uses Magnet Therapy to strategically place metal patches of silver and gold that reconnect the broken lines to restore the needed movement of your natural bio-chemical painkillers.

If Bo-In Lee does not find the source of your chronic pain to be from muscular damage or a malfunction of your body’s electrical system, he looks closely at how your major internal organs are functioning and interacting with other key body organs to which they are connected and control vital functions throughout your body.

Once such imbalances within your internal organ systems have been identified, pain can usually be relieved by applying acupuncture and moxabustion heat treatments, followed by whatever corrective exercises are needed to produce the long-term freedom from pain you are seeking.

At the New Life Health Center you will receive one-on-one treatment from Bo-In Lee. This one-on-one treatment is essential because clinical experience clearly shows that effective solutions to chronic pain must simultaneously focus on, and then respond flexibly to, each patient’s individual reactions to previous treatments. It is important to understand that there is no "single formula" that will heal everyone’s pain. In reality, each person’s healing is completely individual and patient-specific.

Consequently, the treatments you receive from Bo-In Lee will focus on, and be rooted in, your changing individual condition based on how your body reacts, day-by-day, to each treatment and therapy diagnosed to be an essential part of the specific pain-relief therapies you undertake while at the Center.


Back Pain

"I had chronic back pain that had become so intense that I was not only unable to work, but was also prevented from walking, standing or sitting in a normal manner. As both of my parents were chiropractors this was the treatment that I tried first. When my condition failed to improve I tried the program at the New Life Health Center. I stayed for about a week and the results of the acupuncture, corrective exercises and other treatments were dramatic. My back feels great, my posture is better than it's ever been and I've returned to my very physical job as an iron-worker and have had no problems at all."

Ted L., Medway, MA

Knee pain

"In the mid 80's I injured my left knee playing squash and had arthroscopy to "take care of it". For 12 years thereafter I lived with pain - all day, everyday, doing anything - with Western medicine saying "there is nothing more we can do for you".

In 1995 during my first visit to Bo-In Lee to talk about my recent breast cancer diagnosis, he also did acupuncture for my knee. That very day I walked out of the New Life Health Center with NO PAIN for the first time in 12 years!! And I still have no pain today, thanks to Bo-In Lee.

The work Bo-In Lee and I did together on my breast cancer has taught me a whole new way of looking at and living my life. Daily I focus on taking in the good stuff and reducing the toxins in my life - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And I now feel better in every way.

Rheua S., Hingham, MA