Treatments for Chronic Illness


The first step in treating chronic illness is often to reduce or eliminate the uncomfortable and sometimes painful side effects from the illness. Depending upon an individual’s condition, Bo-In Lee, Lic. Ac., will use whichever of the following time-proven therapies is appropriate:

1. Energizing the body’s electrical flows that control your biological and chemical pain-defense systems (through therapies such as acupuncture, electrical stimulation, herbal teas, acupressure, and moxabustion);

2. Realigning muscles and joints weakened by the chronic illness (through yoga, corrective exercises, or Kyun Hyun tape therapy); or

3. Re-balancing the constant interactions between key body organs that control the essential functions which produce ongoing health and vitality (through customized medicinal herbal teas, natural food and nutrition therapies, training in self-healing lifestyles, or acupuncture).

The second step in treating chronic illness is for Bo-In Lee to work with you to:

1. Identify and apply the short-term treatments which can neutralize the imbalances causing your chronic illness;

2. Educate you about underlying mental, physical and spiritual factors which can impact your healing; and

3. Train you to make lifestyle changes as part of a long-term self-treatment program which you can use to remain free from the chronic illness.

Bo-In Lee’s treatment of chronic illness is unique in that each patient’s condition is re-diagnosed and treated on an individual, one-on-one basis every single day during the treatment period. This dynamic method of treatment is highly effective and successful in treating chronic illnesses.


"I was ill with ulcerative colitis, taking medication and feeling quite sickly and desperate. Having completed this program, my digestive system is now functioning well and after seven years of taking medication, I no longer need any drugs. Contrary to what my doctors said would be possible, I was able to get pregnant and now have a beautiful son. I am forever grateful to Bo-In Lee and the Center."

Susan S., Martha's Vineyard, MA

"A few years ago I was having severe digestive problems. It was so bad that after every meal I felt very sick, to the point where I could hardly eat at all. I decided to see Bo-In Lee. He examined me and said that the stomach and especially the spleen meridian were out of balance. He recommended acupuncture and herbal teas. Within 2-3 days I felt better and was able to digest my food. Bo-In Lee has also helped my wife and other patients I have sent him. Bo-In Lee is a true master healer and a wonderful person. I thank him and may God bless him."

Dr. John B. Vaughn