Cancer Treatments


Cancer patients who are in a variety of circumstances visit the New Life Health Center.

We work with individuals who have chosen natural treatments as their primary therapy. When cancer is diagnosed in its earliest stages, New Life Therapy has frequently been used as the primary course of care to restore the power of the patient’s immune system to overcome their cancer.

We also see patients who are undergoing conventional cancer therapy who wish to have nutritional and immune system support during their Western treatments. Oriental Medicine is frequently used to reduce the adverse side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. In addition, the immune support properties of Oriental medicine often result in an enhanced prognosis for patients receiving Western medical treatments. Patients can also benefit from the New Life Health Center before they begin Western therapies in order to strengthen their bodies to better tolerate the treatments.

The third type of patient we see are those who are in remission who are dedicated to preventing a recurrance of their cancer, after completing the therapies of Western Medicine. The New Life Health Center provides a time-proven, multi-faceted approach to restoring the patient’s immune system to full power. In addition, Bo-In Lee focuses on creating electrical balances to correct functioning of internal organs and increase energy levels which also serve to strengthen a patient’s body to enable it to more effectively heal itself.

And finally, we see patients who feel they have exhausted conventional therapies, but still have active cancer. The goal of integrated traditional and modern Oriental medicine is to stop or slow the growth of the cancer, leading to an extension of life. In cases where this is not possible, efforts are made to reduce many side effects of cancer, such as pain and swelling, as well as to help foster a positive attitude of love and acceptance that can appreciably improve the patient’s quality of life.

In Oriental medicine, the root cause of illness is the existence of an imbalance developed in the body whether physical, emotional or spiritual. Cancer can occur when an imbalance takes away the power of your immune system to prevent cancer cells, which are present in your body, from going out of control.

The New Life Health Center utilizes a variety of healing techniques including time-proven Oriental acupuncture and moxibustion therapy or powerful, patient-specific medicinal herbal teas plus Mayahana Yoga and meditation -- to achieve three crucial results:

1. Restore body tissues and cells to full strength;

2. Reactivate the healing power of your immune system;

3. Correct whatever imbalance current exist the individuals body, mind, spirit and lifestyle. In other words, create total balance which produces homeostasis and a healthy immune system capable of defending against the development of cancer in the future.



" I have pancreatic Cancer. My hopes were to ease the pain that comes with this type of cancer and to keep my organs strong and functioning well. I began chemotherapy the same time I began treatment at The New Life Health Center. The treatments at the center I feel has kept me strong and feeling good. I have been attending The New Life Health Center for 5 months and I feel everything from acupuncture, counseling, heat therapy, moxabustions, the herbal medicine and teas have help me feel good as I am getting Chemo and I am so very thankful for this. Bo-In Lee is wonderful, kind, caring and an expert in his field. The facility is peaceful, private and clean." God bless Bo In Lee…!!!"

Katherine Brandt
North Haven, CT 2005


"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1986. My decision to use alternative healing methods left me with no professional support. Shortly after, I had the good fortune to meet Bo-In Lee. At the New Life Health Center I not only found support but a complete system of treatments that balanced my whole body. The education I received at the center helped me create a healthy way of life. I no longer have the lump.Now in 2010 I feel healthier and more energetic than I did at ten years old. I very strongly and enthusiastically recommend Bo-In Lee to anyone."

Nora S,
Lynfield, MA