Welcome to the New Life Health Center

For over 20 years, Bo-In Lee Lic.Ac., the Center's founder and director, has helped countless people on their road to true health and well being. The New Life Health Center’s residential and out-patient programs begin with a private consultation and diagnosis with Bo-In Lee. Utilizing Western and Traditional Eastern diagnostic methods, treatments are designed to specifically meet the uniqueness of each individual and his or her health condition to reduce pain, strengthen body tissues and cells, and restore functions of the immune system.

A wide variety of chronic illnesses, pain, and cancers are addressed at the New Life Health Center. From Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s, chronic fatigue syndrome, and respiratory disorders to migrane headaches, backpain to cancer of various organs, Bo-In Lee personally treats each patient by focusing on the root causes of each illness. Because the current health state of every individual is a manifestation of his or her unique genetic/body make-up and unique personal history, identical treatments won't produce identical results in different people even though they have the same general diagnosis. In fact, a personalized treatment program is not only unique to every individual, it’s unique to every individual on a day-to-day basis; Bo-In Lee focuses on, and then responds flexibly to, each patient's individual condition and biological reactions on a daily basis. Throughout every treatment program, a regular schedule of Traditional Medical diagnostics and various laboratory tests are kept in order to mark progress and to serve as a guideline for continued treatments.

If you know someone who has cancer, chronic pain, or any chronic illness, contact us to learn more about the treatment programs offered the New Life Health Center. Since 1987, we have helped thousands who have given up hope and thought they couldn’t be healed.